PDX Bike Polo

The intern project brief was to create a line of clothing tough enough for the rigours of city
life. We chose to aim our collection at Hardcourt Bike Polo players, and chose Portland as our
target city.

The PDX lock up was based on the simple shapes of bicycle parts. Polo is essentially a simple
sport with minimal rules and equipment. The main graphics have many influences and
hidden meanings. Crossed mallets suggest competitive play, and skulls show the attitude
of many polo players as it is a tough and painful sport to play. One of Portlands nicknames,
Stumptown, and the cities rich timber history inspired the wood based designs.

The T-shirt is a key item and the graphics and patterns created come together here to tell the
story of Portland bike polo. Watching polo players compete from behind the chain link fence
at their home ground, Alberta Park.

Wheel covers are used by the majority of players to protect their spokes. It is the most
common place for personalisation of the bike.

Patches influenced by military were also developed for Portland polo players. The concept
behind the patches is that the players would be earn the right to wear them as they become
better, play for longer, or earn certain achievements.

This project culminated in an exhibition match being held at adidas Portland. A wood theme
invitation and poster were produced to promote the event. T-shirts with Portland Bike Polo
graphic, featuring words form the teams song, were given to each player to show appreciation
for their help with research.